Smart Cities For Sustenance

There has been a lot of talk recently on Smart Cities and the promises it holds. There are quite a few Smart technologies that define a Smart Cities – some are closer to reality today than others. And many city councils all over the world…

Amazon IoT Cloud

Amazon IoT Cloud Platform  is an extremely powerful platform that enables communication between real world sensors and allows collection and analysis of data. The Amazon platform is extremely easy to use (atleast for geeks!). The sensors (or “Things”) can report their status to the platform via…

SEO Success factors

SEO success seems like a black art privy to the knowledgable few. There is no one magic formula and different SEO success factors play a role depending on your business requirements. This great chart shows what are the different components of a good SEO strategy

Buyer Personas

  Why define buyer personas? An important part of laying the foundation for your digital marketing strategy is the definition of buyer personas. You must have a clear understanding of who your buyers or target audience is. Too often this important piece of information is…

Apps and e-Commerce

e-Commerce is becoming a critical component of the app economy as mobile sales soar year after year. Most research points to a very fast e-Commerce revenue growth in 2014.