Buyer Personas

buyer persona for inbound marketing strategy

Why define buyer personas?

An important part of laying the foundation for your digital marketing strategy is the definition of buyer personas. You must have a clear understanding of who your buyers or target audience is. Too often this important piece of information is overlooked, however this basic level of information will ensure that your inbound marketing efforts are not wasted.

Before you start your inbound marketing campaign, you should identify a specific target market for your services and also define relevant buyer personas. This will help your business define unique and targeted messaging that resonates with your buyers. A specific buyer persona will help determine which social media platforms to target, and help you make design choices for your web or mobile presence.

For example, let’s take the case of two law firms – one that focuses on providing services for intellectual property (IP) and another law firm that focuses on litigation services. One law firm can direct its messaging to decision makers at the corporate levels in information technology companies, maybe on LinkedIN or PPC ads on technology focused blogs and websites,  while the second law firm might target students on Facebook.

How to define a buyer persona?

That’s all great and now we know how important buyer personas are for your inbound marketing strategy. But how exactly should these be created.  Hubspot offers this FREE template that provides a framework for defining buyer personas. Below are few basic questions you need to answer when creating a buyer or marketing persona:

  • Define the background, interests and demographics for each persona.
  • Define what are the goals for each person and  what are the challenges they face?
  • Define how you can help them achieve their goals and / or how you can help them minimise the challenges that are holding them from reaching their desired goals.

At Xoom Solutions, our mission is to help businesses with targeted marketing campaigns to cater to your buyer personas. We offer free analysis of your current digital marketing plan or help you define a new customised plan for your business.

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