Innovation. Ethics. Creativity.

We are a digital agency with a growing team of hard working marketers and technologists driven by a passion for creating value for our clients through intelligent, engaging and innovative digital solutions.


We deliver the results we promise and we want our clients to expect the highest ROI. We follow highest ethical standards and take responsibility for our actions to encourage transparency.


We enhance our client’s vision with carefully balanced combination of knowledge of the latest technologies, an innovative approach, and experience.


We offer unique and creative solutions that meet the clients’ expectations not only by realizing the clients’ business objectives, but particularly by our strict adherence to quality and innovation.


Our promising workflow has helped us achieve success. The company divides the project in different phases in order to give attention to the minute details of the website. The Basic Phases are:

Consulting: We prefer talking on phone with our clients to understand the project as better as they do.

Analysis: We spend enough amount of time to do the research on the project and analyze it. This helps us provide better services to our customers by providing them different options.

Design: After analyzing the project, we move towards the design. This is one of the most important phases and we deliberately handle this phase. We make sure that the customers like the design which tempts them to jump on the website again and again.

Development: The most important phase of the workflow. This is where we leave other web agencies behind. Our developers are expert in writing codes that are clean, easy to understand and to modify. So far we’ve written hundreds of thousands of codes. Xoom Solutions follows standard coding and development practices. Besides this, we have our own standards that help us to impart a ‘common look and feel’ to the code, no matter how many people have worked on it. This also improves the comprehension of the website and ensures that the basic documentation is always present.

Testing: The testing is carried out by the developers to test each function after it is developed. The testing is monitored by the technical leads that ensure that the code actually works and shows concrete progress.

Delivery & Support: The full and final phase of the entire website development methodology is the deployment of the website. In this final stage, we carry out the website integration of the whole system and upload the files to make them live.


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